In train

Now I am in the Train 4554 Himachal Express which left Una at 21:45 Hrs. I am in AC-2 Tier
because National Geographic people said they would be paying for all the travel / boarding expenses.
one thing I must admit, though I have full privacy thanks to curtains but this privacy is eating me up, I cannot look
out of the window. To me this is some sort of den, no one passing by my Side Upper birth No 24 , stares at me because of my laptop.
I have prepared some slides of my presentation at least I have decided on the content.
Ah I remember I have not locked my luggage hope this is not an issue in AC compartments, praying that I would be able to
find my luggage when I wake up in the morning.
Just to make a list of what I am carrying :

  1. Brief Case contains my clothes , handycam , paper for printing , Compact Discs for recording + Tapes for video shooting.
  2. Main Development Server + Inkjet Printer.
  3. Tripod for the handycam.
  4. of cource my laptop.

Now I would have to shutdown my Notebook as 05 mins of backup is left.
Though I have a backup battery that would work for nearly 6 more hrs, but I think its
better to sleep now as in another 6 hrs I would be in Delhi.
Good night… .. .

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